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Poltrona odontoiatrica pediatrica sedia dentale per bambini MY-M007M

Poltrona odontoiatrica pediatrica sedia dentale per bambini MY-M007M

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Poltrona odontoiatrica pediatrica sedia dentale per bambini MY-M007M


· 220 V 50 HZ

· Schienale piccolo per bambini e seduta con cuscino pazienza

· Coperchio vassoio trasparente

· Cintura di sicurezza

· Tubo aria e acqua importato

· Tubo dell'acqua di scarico importato

· Filtro riscaldatore

· Sistema di controllo dell'aria

· Filtro dell'acqua importato

· Siringhe aria/acqua(fredda e calda)

· Riscaldatore: 1 pz

· Vassoio dello strumento: tipo dall'alto / basso accettabile

· Tubo manipolo 2/4 fori

· Lampada di funzionamento a LED con sensore

· Pelle importata con schiuma morbida

· Scatola da pavimento da incasso o da incasso

· Sgabello dentista: 1 set

· Mini computer da 8 pollici

· Pedale Multifunzione Turtle;

· Colore: giallo / blu

· Aspirazione acqua e aspirasaliva




         Regular version                                                                                 With Up Mounted Instrument Tray Version


Cart Version


Standard Configuration

1. Controlled by air system 1 set.
2. Imported DC motor 1 set.
3. Special design of instrument tray 1 set.
4. High quality handpiece tubing (4 hole or 2 hole) 3 pcs.
5. Luxury LED operation light and tablet PC holder 1 set.
6. 4 hole foot control switch 1 set (you can also choose the turtle type multifunctional foot controller switch add USD30).
7. Special design for patient chair with safety seat belt(Japanese leather with memory foam) 1 set.
8. Controlled system with 3 memory position 1 set.
9. Imported air tubing and water tubing 1 set.
10. Germany suction tube and drainpipe tube 1 set.
11. Line and cable protection 1 set.
12. Low voltage AC water heater 1 pc.
13. Imported valve 1 set.
14. High quality 3-way syringe (cold and hot) 2 pcs.
15. Water suction and air suction (normal suction system design) 1 set.
16. Memory foam for dentist stool 1 pc.
17. Spittoon plate 1 set.
18. Gargle water supply device 1 set.
19. Film viewer 1 pc.



Patient chair                                                                                                   Dentist stool                                         Assistant's stool (Option)                                                                      


Patient chair

1. Motor driven chair , 24V/DC motor.
2. Microfiber chair and backrest upholstery.
3. Seat with safety strap.
4. The frame of the chair is made of iron, it is electrophoresis antirust.
5. Patient chair (chair cushion) minimum height: 450mm,maximum height: 800mm,backrest angle -5゜-75゜.
6. Length of cushion: 1280mm, widest of cushion: 520mm, length of backrest: 500mm, widest of backrest: 600mm.
7. The load capacity of the patient chair is ≦250Kg.
8. Chair base safety stop cover: patient chair stops downward movement when obstruction is detected.
9. Double armrest design, the handrail can be moved up and down to facilitate patient access.
10. Foot controller working for chair movement and handpiece.


Dentist stool:
1.Cushion site:460mm*460mm.
2.Back of the chair size:400mm*280mm.
3.The diameter of the chair foot:520mm.
4.Seat can 360 rotation.
5.Seat height adjustment:about 480mm To 600mm.
6.Backrest height adjustment range:about 85mm.
7.Backrest backward adjustment.


Three-stage water filtration system

1.It can filter out impurities no less than 40 microns.
2.The hot water cup filters to keep the incrustation out.
3.Multi-layer filtration can effectively protect the internal valve body and other precision equipment.


First stage copper filter                                                                          Second stage imported filter                                            Third stage hot water cup filter



1.Power Voltage: AC220V-230V,50HZ / 110V,60HZ.
2. Water Pressure: 0.20-0.40Mpa/2.0-4.0bar.
3. Air Pressure: 0.55-0.80Mpa/5.5-8.0bar.
4. Output: ≥55L/min(water vacuum), ≥120L/min(air vacuum)


Installation Diagram:

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