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MEDCOM® CM-350C Elettrobisturi Diatermocoagulatore

MEDCOM® CM-350C Elettrobisturi Diatermocoagulatore

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Numero di serie.:No.CM-350C
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1. The wide scope permanent power, the surgery locates precisely
2. The return route pole plate monitor system, guarantees the patient safety
3. 350W high efficiency output also continuously adjustable, can meet each kind of surgeon’s surgery needs. (General surgery, thoracic surgery)
4. Six kinds of working model, the surgery is quickly easy. (pure cutting, blend 1, blend 2, coagulation, spay,  bipolar coagulation)
5. When turn on the Generator, it can check the system by itself
6. When the neutral electrode detect that the impendence is between 20Ω and 140Ω, the alarm will be activated and the ESU will be shut down
7. There are three kinds of sound to show the 4 different working modes as the following: Error Warning, Cutting & Coagulation, Bipolar
8. Many kinds of appendix disposition, best performance-to-price ratio
9. Line Voltage: 220V/110V 50/60Hz
Electrosurgical unit 
Automatic control output 
guarantee surgery quality 
Five kind of working model 
User friendly
Power Consumption : ≤1100VA(Cutting function 350W, Bipolar coagulation function 70W output )
Power: 220V±22V(110V±11V),50Hz±1Hz
Operating frequency: 360~460kHz
Power rating: 1100VA±10%
Dimensions: 410mm*360mm*130mm
Warranty: 36 months
Packing weight: 11kg
Packing size: 480mm*450mm*280mm
Packaging detail: cartons with foam
Package With
Electrosurgical Unit x 1
Power Line x 1
Electrosurgical Pencil x 2
Bipolar Forceps x 1
Bipolar Forceps Cable x 1
Single Patient Plate x 3
Patient Plate Cable x 1
Waterproof Footswitch x 1
GBXP5*20 (5A) Fuse x 2
MDK CM-350C électrotome de haute fréquence